Reasons Why Ousting Travis Kalanick's Is an Uber Disaster


Asking the founding chief executive officer of a company to step aside in the midst of an existential predicament is in simple terms a big mistake, a huge wrong move. Silicon Valley bro culture’s poster child, Uber that not long ago appeared resistant to all forms of boycotts, lawsuits, and scandals, quite unbelievably finds itself without a leader and in disorder at the moment. Visit our website for more info

Its founding chief executive officer, Travis Kalanick has decided to leave office as CEO, thereby entrusting in the hands of the board of directors and an executives committee the most valued global startup.




Uber is one of the fastest-growing firms

In the history of tech, Uber is one of the fastest-growing firms, meaning that hiring and holding on to talent are parts of its most vital roles. To ensure those roles are fulfilled is going to be hard with its organizational culture hemmed in, and its repute in pieces. In the meantime too, an audio file that was leaked had Liane Hornsey, the human resources head telling workers “I am aware that you are polishing your resumes” and bidding them to stay put. It is public knowledge that the Silicon Valley-based company expends a great deal of capital to finance its Uber-growth. Last year alone, based on reports, the firm spent $2.8 billion.

Even though suffice it to say Uber has enough money in the bank, It cannot continue for a very long time without raising capital, and that may be difficult with nearly every C-level role unassisted and without comfort.




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